Are video games too sexist and racist?

This is basically a video adaptation of a popular essay I wrote a few years ago about how what is often presented as a video game bigotry problem is really more of a Japanese insensitivity problem.

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Here’s my 10th video, all about MREs, which is a mysterious food type thing. Check it out:

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British politics

Apologies for the site being down. Not sure what caused that. Anyway, this is a bit late now, but here’s a video I made about the UK election, and British politics in general.

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The Alberta election explained

Yesterday the NDP was elected to power in Alberta, of all places. I made a video explaining how and why it happened.

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No Canadian Knighthoods!

I am predictably opposed to the idea of bringing back titles of nobility for Canadian citizens.

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New cartoon: Punching properly

Gary Trudeau — who, as I note in my Canadian Urban Legends FAQ, is of no relation to the Canadian political dynasty — has recently gone around saying that cartoonists should remember to “punch up” not “down” with their silly drawings. He said this in the context of the Charlie Hebdo murders, which while of course terrible etc. etc., also targeted cartoonists who had a habit of being mean to the underclass. Good cartoonists are only mean to the powerful and fortunate.

I drew a helpful guide for Medium.

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Dutch food

Here’s my latest vlog about enjoying some Dutch food yesterday in honor of Holland’s national holiday.

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New vlog: Why you should sleep in your clothes

Perhaps my single most controversial opinion.

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New Vlog: better know a relative

Herewith, in my second vlog, I discuss the various categories of relatives, including second cousins and cousins “once-removed.”

Keep the feedback coming and let me know of future topics you’d like to see me engage with. In this early phase of my vlogging career, I am looking to cast a wide a net as possible, and really run the gamut between the serious and superficial, the adult and immature.

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First vlog: Canadian foods

Here is my first-ever vlog, done in traditional vlog style. It’s about Canadian foods I enjoy.

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