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During his address to the UN General Assembly last week Venezeulan strongman Hugo Chavez waved a book around in the air, telling everyone to go read it. The book was “Hegemony or Suvival” by Noam Chomsky, a radical far-left author from the US.

Mr. Noam Chomsky has written about a billion books in his long lifetime (he is currently 77, Chavez apparently assumed he was dead by now). All of them usually say some variation on the same thing, however, namely that the United States is an evil, imperialistic warmongering nation, and its so-called “enemies” are actually just well-meaning progressives. Of course, history has shown that his assumptions are often disturbingly wrong.

Chomsky was apparently flattered by Chavez’ praise, and would like to meet him. Most of Chavez’s policies are “quite constructive” quipped Noam. best-sellers list


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    I really can't stand the love some have for Chomsky. ~Blitz

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    That's the strange thing about life; no matter how much of a saint or sinner you are, there is ALWAYS one person who will love you forever and one person who will always hate your guts until the end of time.

    No exceptions.

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