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Proud to be a rebel

Animal Rights- the new wedge issue?

There’s a video circulating the interblags at the moment in which Tucker Carlson, everyone’s favorite love-to-hate conservative pundit, somberly declares that Michael Vick “should have been executed” for his previous life as a dog-killing enthusiast. It’s been chuckled at politely, and filed away as yet another entry in the “right-wingers sure say a lot of extremist […]

Health care growth

Save the CBC! Or not!

A deepening chasm

Movin’ the goalposts

Guest comic!

Hey guys, sorry there have not been any new toons for a while, and that updates have slowed down a lot in general. I recently got hired to work as a reporter for a local Vancouver newspaper, the Metro, a full-time job that’s been keeping me pretty busy. You can check out my article archive […]


My year teaching English in Japan

This week, I celebrate the conclusion of my first year back in Canada, after having spent the duration of 2009 living and working in Japan. Upon returning to Vancouver last winter, I resisted the urge to write too much about the experience right away, if only because I felt the need to let sufficient time […]

Ireland’s breakfast of champions


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