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Proud to be a rebel

Animal Rights- the new wedge issue?

There’s a video circulating the interblags at the moment in which Tucker Carlson, everyone’s favorite love-to-hate conservative pundit, somberly declares that Michael Vick “should have been executed” for his previous life as a dog-killing enthusiast. It’s been chuckled at politely, and filed away as yet another entry in the “right-wingers sure say a lot of extremist […]

Health care growth

Save the CBC! Or not!

A deepening chasm

Movin’ the goalposts

Guest comic!

Hey guys, sorry there have not been any new toons for a while, and that updates have slowed down a lot in general. I recently got hired to work as a reporter for a local Vancouver newspaper, the Metro, a full-time job that’s been keeping me pretty busy. You can check out my article archive […]


My year teaching English in Japan

This week, I celebrate the conclusion of my first year back in Canada, after having spent the duration of 2009 living and working in Japan. Upon returning to Vancouver last winter, I resisted the urge to write too much about the experience right away, if only because I felt the need to let sufficient time […]

Ireland’s breakfast of champions

Training day for Afghanistan

Kate’s new life

Politics without principle: the Canadian way

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Andrew Coyne, the much-celebrated, somewhat-right-of-center Canadian columnist of Maclean’s magazine fame. On the one hand, he’s one of the few pundits in the mainstream Canadian media who seems genuinely motivated by serious intellectual principles, in contrast to the reactionary, knee-jerk partisanship that moves many of his contemporaries. […]

Economic nationalism!

Burma’s general election

Who are the webcomickers? A Review of Webcomics Weekend

There are two basic rules you need to know going into New England Webcomics Weekend: one, there is a clear pecking order, and two, for best results, you should quickly learn your place within it. Housed in a repurposed soap factory in the out-of-the-way hipster burg of Northampton, Massachusetts, this year’s weekend-long get-together marked the […]

Pay no attention to that recession

BRB, in America

Hello all, For the next couple of days I will be attending the Webcomics Weekend jamboree in Easthampton Massachusetts. It’s my first time visiting the fabulous US of A in over six years, so I am very excited. Who knows what sorts of exciting new cereals that country has produced since the Kerry election? If, for […]

Burning bridges

Mid-term victories and the two models of American democracy

I’ll spare you the cookie-cutter analysis you’ve likely heard a thousand times by now. Yes, it’s obvious that Obama spent too much time wonking around with stimulus plans and health care at the expense of unemployment, and yes, it’s equally obvious that the Republicans would have very likely won the Senate had they not appointed two […]