Generic Israel Comic

Generic Israel Comic

The big Middle East related news of the past week was the Israeli government’s bungled apprehension of the so-called Gaza Flotilla.

So there were these six ships trying to get to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip territory, full of a bunch of activist types who claimed to be humanitarians wanting to bring food and medical supplies to the impoverished Palestinians. The Israelis, however, have imposed a  blockade on foreign ships entering the area, in order to prevent arms smugglings and such. Israeli commandos thus stormed the flotilla before it could reach its destination, fights broke out on deck, and 11 people were killed in the ensuing scuffle.

And there’s not much else to say, because even with that limited amount of information you can probably draw all sorts of wild conclusions, either for or against Israel, in the same way everyone always does about every Israel-related issue ever.

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  1. Grimmen

    your most brilliant comic ever.

  2. jwh250

    No diamonds, diamonds exclusively….

  3. DebyLisp

    Very funny comic, tnx, I'll post it.

  4. Omri

    Never gets dated, this cartoon.

    I post it on Facebook every time Israel does a thing.


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