Harper’s destructive collection

Harper’s destructive collection
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Prime Minister Harper unveiled his brand new post-election cabinet yesterday, and, well, it’s a lot like the old one. The vast majority of his senior ministers kept their jobs — excluding, of course, those who failed to be re-elected to parliament. A couple of new faces were promoted into the empty spots, and some slotted into new spots entirely, but really, the most noteworthy thing about the new cabinet is its size. Angering a lot of small-government conservatives, Harper appointed the-tied-for-largest cabinet in Canadian history, with a total of 39 ministers. As pundit Andrew Coyne noted, this means Canada now has, by a considerable margin, the single largest cabinet in the democratic world.

You might notice that I don’t do a lot of cartoons about Harper’s cabinet. In fact, I can only think of a handful of cartoons in which I’ve even drawn a cabinet minister, let alone done a whole toon based around something they’ve said or done. This isn’t due to any oversight on my part: the prime minister’s cabinet has simply become  extremely weak, if not borderline irrelevant in modern Canadian government. A Wikileaks profile of Stephen Harper noted that “few, if any ministers appear to be genuine confidantes” of the prime minister, adding that the PM “seems to operate largely as his own strategist, tactician, and advisor,” even eschewing a firm permanent staff in his own executive office. Though Harper gets a lot of bad press for running a one-man-show, this leadership style isn’t terribly novel: the Canadian constitution grants enormous power to the prime minister — who, lest we forget, is leader of both the executive and legislative branches of government — so most recent prime ministers have governed in a similar fashion. Another fine Canadian pundit, Jeffery Simpson, once wrote an entire book about the Chretien government under the unsubtle title “The Friendly Dictatorship,” for instance. Under Chretien, wrote Simpson, the cabinet was little more than a “sounding board” of nodding heads for those rare occasions when the PM felt unguarded enough to discuss an idea in public.

Lacking any real power over the PM’s agenda (the same Wikileaks profile notes how Harper’s ministers are frequently “surprised” when the PM announces some bold new initiative, or only learn about policy changes by reading the newspaper), cabinet has descended into something of a show horse;  a way for the prime minister to carefully appease and patronize as many of this country’s vast and disparate “communities” as possible. This is the only real reason the body’s as big as it is: more ministers equals more opportunities for tokenism.

The Harper cabinet is thus a delicate balancing act of ministers from all provinces, regions, genders, religions, and races. There’s a Sikh minister, two aboriginal ministers, a couple of Asian ministers, and a Jewish minister. There’s even a minister in a wheelchair. Noting such trivia is largely what “reporting on cabinet” has been reduced to. And after the tallies have been published, the whole gang is promptly forgotten.

Be all this as it may, from my own idiosyncratic vantage point, I did nevertheless find two of Harper’s “tokens” quite interesting.

John Baird, who has a reputation as one of the few men Harper actually trusts — and also as one of the most loudly partisan Conservatives in Ottawa — has been bumped up to foreign minister. Though he is not officially out of the closet, there is a vast, vast amount of circumstantial and anecdotal evidence to suggest the never-married Baird is gay. It’s one of the most open secrets among people who follow politics in this country, though the Canadian press, presumably wary of Canada’s very strict libel laws, has awkwardly done its best to keep the rumors out of the headlines. In any case, it’s impossible that Harper has no knowledge of Baird’s sexuality, and must therefore not find it particularly threatening or off-putting. For a government long-rumored to have an anti-gay “hidden agenda,” this is quite relevant indeed.

Then there’s James Moore, who was reappointed as minister of heritage. At one time I knew Moore fairly well, and even volunteered on a couple of his election campaigns, since his riding is in my area. Like me, Moore was a republican, and critical of the monarchy’s role in the Canadian constitution — which, despite much official mythology, is not actually that unusual of a position for a Conservative politician. What is unusual, however, is for a prime minister to stick a republican in the one cabinet position whose mandate includes the management of royalty-government relations and promotion of the Crown.

Like Baird, Moore isn’t publicly “out” as a republican, though again, like Baird, in my experience everyone close to him, including cabinet colleagues, seems to be aware of the fact. And again, it seems like the sort of thing Harper would have a litmus test for if he actually cared about, and would only turn a blind eye if he didn’t mind one way or another.

Since Harper has only become more erratic and mysterious the longer he remains in power, trying discerning his true intentions on any number of issues is often little more than an idle game of reading the tea leaves. With this is in mind, we can clearly draw at least three tentative conclusions about the man from his cabinet picks, all defined in the negative: he is not serious about scaling down the size of government, he is not serious about ratcheting-back gay rights, and he is not serious about the Queen.

Of course, the weird and incongruous nature of these three “nots” may prove to be the most revealing symbol of all.


  1. Chris de Lisle

    So Canadian Cabinet doesn't do anything. How does that even work?
    Do the Ministers still have important roles in the executive, or are they just implementing the Prime Minister's policies?
    Where does the PM get new ideas and input from, if not Cabinet?

  2. Emm

    His own crazy head, where else would eliminating the long-form census come from? Why would government or industry need reliable data on Canadian citizens, simply crazy talk.

  3. Anonymous

    In situations such as this, cabinet is sually replaced with an informal circle of trusted confidants and advisers, often times individuals with whom the PM has known for quite a while; these people may or may not be elected members of government.

  4. jjmccullough

    In theory, each cabinet minister "leads" a department of the federal bureaucracy. In practice, they merely implement the decrees of the PM. And even that they don't really do a lot of that these days; the head bureaucrat subordinate known as the "deputy minister" does most of the day to day work. A lot of ministers are thus sort of figurehead spokesmen, who merely toe the government line in public, when the media asks what's up.

  5. Kyle Fuchko

    There's also levels of influence within the cabinet. Defense, Foreign Affairs, and Finance are all roles vital to the working of the government, and Ministers are often given varying levels of influence in their ministries. Positions like Fisheries and Sport are typically given to make the cabinet more representative, or other political purposes such as to minimize backbencher unrest.

  6. Anonymous

    "he is not serious about ratcheting-back gay rights"

    What the hell? In what crazy universe could this be considered a negative aspect?

  7. jjmccullough

    I never said it was negative, I was just observing a fact.

  8. Deiwos

    "all defined in the negative", as in saying what Harper is not serious about doing. I think this is what he was going on when he asked his question.

  9. Psudo

    "in the negative" means things he is NOT doing rather than things he is doing. it's not a moral negative, but an existential negative. "Not ratcheting-back gay rights" is negative in the sense that you can do that and do nothing at the same time.

  10. James

    I was somewhat pleased with Baird's appointment, if only because it might makeall those whiners (those who claimed a Harper majority would lead to increased religiosity, fewer rights, fewer social programs, slashed-back gay-rights) stop their crying.

    Probably not, but still.

  11. Anonymous

    Honestly? It might cease my bitching; a lot of us gays are taxed to hell and, if not for the perceived religiousness of the Conversatives, would donate massively to a party which would put officers on the streets to prevent the hate-attacks which still occur on our streets. Still, it depends on what, you know, actually happens. If Harper leaves our individual and civil rights where they should be over the next four years, I can honestly say that, come 2015, i'd think real hard about what party I should vote for.

    Because a party that is fiscally sound but respects individual rights, I could certainly live with.

  12. YD624

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  13. Guest

    "And again, it seems like the sort of thing Harper would have a litmus test for if he actually cared about, and would only turn a blind eye if he didn’t mind one way or another."
    Personally I doubt he cares in either case. But I'm not sure that even if Harper wanted to he'd be able to exclude people from cabinet without it being a very obvious political manoeuver. Of less than 170 MPs, one in five are probably seen as too young or too new to politics, another fifth are seen as too old or have too much baggage, 10% might have too much going on in their personal life, and surely a quarter just aren't up to the job. Ok, those are rough figures, but that leaves just 25% or 42 MPs to choose from (and never mind the junior appointments that don't sit in cabinet). If Harper was into litmus tests, he would have to be *very* careful. But from the sounds of it, there's not much harm in having the internal opposition busy running departments where you can keep an eye on them, especially if you have the final say and the cabinet is padded out with yes-men.

    Of course, exceptions may well be made for rising stars, perennial favourites, or MPs needing a bit of undue prominence, irrespective of age, competence, or politics.

  14. jjmccullough

    I think you're right to a point, but I found it uniquely significant that he stuck Moore and Baird in the precise positions he did. As Kyle said, he could have given Baird a much quieter job, but by nature of making him foreign minister he's more or less guaranteed that his orientation will remain a prominent issue of gossip. And by keeping Moore where he did, he's likewise helped undermine the idea that his government is "robustly monarchist" as some media wags have previously described.

  15. James

    JJ, you didn't really draw out the point about this cabinet tying for largest in the history of Canada. What's the deal with that? Ministers and extra ministries cost extra cash; but from what I can tell the media hasn't been pressing Harper about this decidedly unconservative move.

    Do you have any idea why "the media" hasn't bothered to point out the fact that Harper has a stranglehold over all the ministries, so all ministers are really just marionettes, and that this imagined idea of diversity/equality in cabinet is just a show?

  16. Gery

    I would argue that the reason the media have not made note of how unconservative the large cabinet is is simply because despite the rhetoric it seems as though a fair amount of North American conservative politicians do not seem to care about small government. Simply put it is nothing new.

  17. Gray

    I'm wondering if Baird might not be a canny tactical move: On the one hand, it's prominent enough that it should dampen the chatter about the Tories (though no matter what he does that will likely never go away), while on the other hand the Foreign Office is a pretty safe place to put him in case of some right-wing eruption in Alberta on the topic (as it is very much a "so what" post on the issue…so what if he is? His post has nothing to do with the issue)…not that this seems likely. Still, it lets Harper get a confidante into a good cabinet post (where he does seem to be competent), so it's probably not a token as such…but it /is/ interesting all the same.

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  22. JJ from Kelowna

    How important would Baird's orientation be to the conservative base? It is kind of an interesting spot I think. The left leaning media probably don't want to talk about it because it would make them look prejudice. The right leaning media probably don't want to talk about it because if true, it could hurt support from the religious/conservative supporters. Turn it the other way around, and the orientation would be an issue. Left side trumpeting it as a sign of being progressive, and right making it an unofficial talking point to galvanize the religious/conservative supporters.

    If (?) he is good at his job, then from my perspective that is all that matters. If he brings his attack dog persona from the house to international matters, then before long we may have few international relationships to worry about.

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