Classic rock’s dark side

Classic rock’s dark side

My old pal Matt Bors recently became cartoon editor of a new blogging site called Medium. He commissioned me to draw a big comic about Baby Boomer-era musicians and why I hate them, based on some angry tweets I had fired off a few months back. Check it out: False Idols: Boomer Icons And Their Crimes.


  1. Bill Stephens

    I doubt that all rockers should be painted with that broad brush.

    Thanks to a friend of mine from Ottawa, whose parents are personal friends with the members of Deep Purple, I got to meet that band back in August 2007 when my friend and his family came down to Pennsylvania from Canada. They got me into the concert with their 2007 Canada/USA VIP passes, and we hung out with the band after the concert.

    Roger Glover was an incredibly-nice guy, and Ian Gillan was very nice, too. I got to meet Steve Morse, but he didn't hang out with us after the concert because he doesn't drink. We hung out in the bar at the band's hotel.

  2. Bill Stephens

    A 1981 interview with Playboy??? Lennon was murdered in 1980. I guess that interview was kept in the can until after he was dead.

  3. Taylor

    Loved it!

  4. Zulu

    On a parallel note, I resent how much Boomers scrutinize the X and Y generations when indications show that we are of the most moral generations ever. Lower domestic abuse, drug abuse, bigotry, violent crime, etc.

  5. Devil Child

    Drugs are cheaper, purer, more plentiful, and more abused than they've ever been in the history of the world.

    Violent crime was also really low in the 50s and really high in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It's entirely possible it'll go back to that level not that long from now. Places like New Orleans, Chicago, and Detroit are as bad as they've ever been.

    I'll grant you that bigotry in some instances is lower, but in other areas, things are worse than they've been in decades. Antisemitism the worst it's been since the end of WWII, bigotry against Mexicans the worst it's been in decades, bigotry in the Muslim world's getting to the Fall of the Ottoman Empire levels, and women's rights in the Muslim world's visually worse than it's been in decades.

    Shit doesn't need to change for the better, never has, never will.

  6. @Andy928766

    My dislike for rock music suddenly seems all the more justified.

  7. Ann Apolis

    "drugs are bad, mm'kay" – jj, yesterday

  8. Dirk

    "The music of rebellion makes you want to rage/But it's written by millionaires nearly twice your age."

  9. Devil Child

    You're completely wrong, JJ. Not about many old idols being horrible bastards, but about people being better nowadays.

    Especially with rap fans, of which I'm one. Chris Brown's just the tip of the iceberg. ODB's FBI file links him with three murders. Gucci Mane and Snoop Dogg have each been involved in at least one. Gucci's was most likely self defense, but Snoop had his homie shoot a rival gang member in the back after his rise to the top, and got away with it. Snoop also took up pimping after he got fabulously wealthy, if anything, he's even worse than Davis.

    Dave Mustaine's pretty famous now for his vocal anti abortion views and conservatism, but the dude was always a lunatic, he nearly killed James Hetfield via truss rod sabotage.

    Lil' Wayne lost his virginity the same year he began touring at age eleven, shot himself by accident at age twelve, dropped out of school at fourteen, fathered his first kid at fifteen, and takes at least as many drugs to this day as any of the old idols. Though likely a lot more due to higher purity, greater wealth, and earlier age he began touring.

    Ice Cube's astonishingly racist and anti semetic, has never once apologized for any bad thing he said about Jews, Koreans, or other groups, and until his career in terrible family films, dude was a rap God.

    R. Kelly raped a fifteen year old on camera, got away with it completely, tours to this day, and has a net worth of forty million dollars.

    Hell, as a Millennial Boomer-son, I can safely say me and my kin are even worse than the Boomers, given that we worship every single one of the lunatics I've mentioned above, as well as the heroes of the Boomers and Gen Xers.

  10. mwjen

    Wow, being conservative and anti abortion somehow is a bad or worse then being a drug addicted wife beater?

  11. Devil Child

    No, but Mustaine's also an outspoken birther, Alex Jones fan, and believes that Aurora was an inside job.

    I was wrong about one thing though, it was Ron McGovney he nearly killed via truss rod sabotage, after he'd already been fired for assaulting Hetfield and McGovney.

    The dude's arguably the best guitarist alive, but he's an asshole, and he was always an asshole.

  12. Simon Way

    The toon suffers because some of the people don't fit with the others at all. "Did you know that '60s rock stars DRANK and DID DRUGS?!" is not a particularly compelling narrative, and I don't think it's really glossed over when people talk about those musicians.

  13. Eric Stimson

    Yeah, while these people might be celebrated now, let's not forget that until fairly recently rock 'n' rollers were pretty controversial. Most people older than boomers shuddered at their very names and thought the music was just vapid noise. It was basically the soundtrack of youth rebellion and excess, so it's no surprise the people who produced it were also gluttonous and driven by base desire. I didn't know half these stories, but listening to Led Zeppelin or Beatles lyrics doesn't make it so surprising. I think the problem is more just the nostalgia filter than anything.

  14. Sasha Kishko

    1. Let me see if I've got the cartoon right:
    People who kidnap and rape minors are horrible people. People who do drugs / alcohol are also terrible people (apparently on the same scale, what?). We don't know / care about the drug / alcohol issues of rockers from the 60's/70's (for sure, it's not like that's the very first thing that comes to mind whenever we talk about them) but we don't let modern day celebrities get away with anything (see Devil Child's post above, and how little people care about most of that).

    In conclusion, what the hell are you on about?

  15. Jake_Ackers

    The same generation that attacks the modern celebrities (who they dislike) overlooked the celebrities and still overlook the celebrities that love. It's hypocrisy.

  16. Devil Child

    There are plenty of people who attacked these celebrities back in the day for what they said and did. Remember "Bigger than Jesus?" Or the numerous, and bizarrely enough, accurate accusations of Occultism aimed at Led Zeppelin?

    More importantly, people in the modern era have plenty of modern heroes they fawn over who've done just as bad or worse stuff than the celebrities of old. R. Kelly even raped a 14 year old on camera, and got away with it.

  17. billytheskink

    Whew, what a relief. I was afraid you were going to shatter my view of Neil Sedaka.

  18. Jake_Ackers

    Where are the feminist groups protesting Jimmy Page getting a medal? It's because they only protest things that are politically convenient.

  19. Kento

    What is "politically convenient?" Surely the ill-regard in which feminism is held amongst large portions of the population is evidence that many feminists attempt to address that which is not politically convenient to address.

  20. @TheInvisibleDan

    "Politically convenient" is not the same thing as "popular."

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