1. Warhewd77777

    No text about this one ether? Am I supposed to guess what this is about?

  2. hshs

    Dude – it's an ad for Heinz ketchup. How could you miss that?!

  3. Jake_Ackers

    Iran is a nation-state.
    Hamas is the defacto authority in the Gaza Strip.
    Taliban swap was illegal.

    The first two is like when FDR recognized the Soviets because it was impractically to not recognize the government in power in a land the size of Russia. The last was just illegal.

    ISIS is not the defacto power yet because Syria and Iraq still hold power. ISIS doesn't even have a government (as in a bureaucracy and politicians and diplomats). If ISIS takes over and holds onto either all of Syria then it will be the defacto government. It would be more of a Somalia situation.

  4. Guest

    I'll give you Iran Jake but I am pretty sure that large swathes of the Western World consider Hamas to be a terrorist organisation – including the USA – notwithstanding they are the de facto authority of Gaza.
    And ISIS does indeed effectively control a pretty big chunk of land nowadays.

  5. Jake_Ackers

    I agree with you. I am just saying why the Obama administration has these views.. Israel has said it has no choice but to negotiate with Hamas. Now Hamas is not the legal nor legitimate gov't of Gaza even more so not of Palestine. Israel deals with Hamas as more a battlefield reality than political negotiation.

    ISIS we CANNOT negotiate because one they are still terrorists. But that would undermine the effective authority of our allies. Like Iraq and block our efforts with Syria.

  6. David

    It came to light also that the US did attempt a covert raid in Syria to attempt moving the hostages but while it went through, the 2 Americans had already been moved.

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