Election 2016 fun times


It’s election day, and thus I must honor my over-decade-long tradition of providing a coloring sheet for election night. You can download the higher-res version here, in case you want to print one out and do something creative.

If you’ll be as glued to your computer as me today, may I suggest once again taking a look at my predictor page? I will be updating it throughout the day with all the various websites’ final predictions as they drift in, just so we can see which source was the most spectacularly wrong (so far, the LA Times seems to be in an early lead).

I’ll have a real cartoon done tomorrow to honor the victory of the next president.


  1. aplikasi fb

    cartoon of the next president. ha..

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    Yeah, these were crazy elections!
    The cartoon is really cool, thanks!

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    Crazy and nice :)

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    This race for power was very hot and the result was very unexpected.

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    Good job.

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