Recent Works

Here’s a piece of writing I have been working on for a while: Why did the Conservatives lose the 2015 election? (Or: is the “Racist Tory Thesis” correct?).

I’ve also written several pieces for the Washington Post recently you may find interesting:

U.S. media saw the Trump-Trudeau summit as a bust. The Canadian press loved it, Feb. 15

Why does ‘progressive’ Quebec have so many massacres?, Feb. 1

Justin Trudeau isn’t the liberal hero the world makes him out to be, Jan. 11

Why the global populist wave hasn’t hit Canada, Dec. 11

I got a fair bit of backslash for that Quebec-themed one, which is quite ironic if you read the piece itself. The Quebec legislature denounced me in a unanimous motion, and the federal parliament in Ottawa nearly did as well, but luckily the Conservative Party denied consent (thanks Conservative Party!). The Daily Caller did a nice interview with me about it.



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