I started writing in university when I worked as an editor at the student newspapers of two different schools — one of which I attended, even.

I’ve worked as a political columnist for most of the last few years. Between 2010 and 2014 I was the only paid columnist at Huffington Post Canada, where I wrote a twice-weekly column on Canadian political and media affairs called Media Bites. Today, I write a weekly column for Loonie Politics. In the past, I’ve written editorials for The National Post, The Federalist, and Sun Media, among others.

My weekly columns for Loonie Politics (2015-2016) can be found on my Loonie Politics archive page.

Sun News columns (2014-2015) can be found here.

My archive of columns for the Huffington Post (2011-2014) can be found here.

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Favorite columns and essays

Difficult Truths, on the Indian Residential Schools report (2015)

Bilingualism is the demand of Canada’s linguistic aristocracy (2015)

Firsts and Lasts, condensed summaries of TV shows (2015)

Operation Tinfoil, reasons not to vote for Elizabeth May and her “Green Party” (2015)

Autopsy of a non-event, a case study in bad reporting (2015)

The media myth that will not die: Conservatives and the ethnic vote (2015)

No, The GOP Should Not Mimic The Canadian Right (2015)

A problem that does not need solving, on campaign speech regulations (2015)

Rule by pseudo-intelectual, about the philosophy of Justin Trudeau (2015)

Lack of Pride, on LGBT activism (2014)

Murdered Aboriginal Women and the Politics of Moral Panic (2014)

Fresh battle lines being drawn in America’s culture wars (2014)

Constructed Canadians (2014)

A rebuttal to Anita Sarkeesian’s “Tropes Vs. Women” Episode 1: Damsels in Distress (2013)

Redistricting: something Canada does better (2011)