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Sean Holman (August, 2013)
Canadian documentarian speaks about a recent film he made exposing the lack of parliamentary dissent in Canadian politics.

Boss Fight Books (June 24, 2013)
I talk with Kickstarter-funded publisher Gabe Durham about why the world needs more books about video games.

Webcomic artists (Spring, 2012)
I interview several of the net’s most famous webcomickers as part of the lead-up to the inaugural VanCAF convention.

The mayors of British Columbia (November, 2011)
Election-year interviews with the mayors of B.C.’s three biggest cities, Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnaby.

The B.C. NDP (Spring, 2011)
I speak to the six candidates running to lead the B.C. New Democratic Party.

The B.C. Liberal Party (Winter, 2011)
I speak to the five candidates running to be the next premier of British Columbia, in the 2011 Liberal primary.

Bob Tarantino (September, 2009)
Noted Canadian lawyer and legal pundit speaks about the Supreme Court of Canada, and what’s wrong with it.

Jack Layton (September, 2006)
The leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada speaks about his party and its vision for Canada.

Carole James (March, 2005)
The Leader of the British Columbia NDP speaks about the future of her party and bid to become BC’s next premier.

Svend Robinson (November, 2005)
The now-former MP speaks of his bid for a political comeback, and the scandal that brought him down.

Svend Robinson (February, 2004)
NDP member of parliament speaks about socialism and his views on modern Canada.

Christy Clark (March, 2004)
Liberal Deputy Prime Minister of British Columbia speaks about her party and government.

Iona Campagnolo (April, 2004)
Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia speaks about the monarchy in Canada.

Letters to the Editor

A collection of angry emails.


The 10 Shortest-serving Heads of State
Presidents, prime ministers, and kings who served in office for a day or less.

Wikipedia Vs. The Prime Ministers of France (or: Which is a Better Source? Wikipedia or The New York Times)
Is Wikipedia a useful source for learning about the biographies of dead world leaders?

The Constitution of the Confederate States of America
What kind of country were the Confederates fighting for? Libertarian utopia or slave-owners’ paradise?

Who Supports the Monarchy in Canada?
Polling data suggests partisan opposition to the crown defies conventional wisdom.

Dominion of Canada FAQ
Does Canada have a full name?

American Exceptionalism
How is the United States different from all other countries?

How Many Countries are there Really?
There’s no clear answer, it depends who you ask.

The Dziekanski Files
A man was tasered to death in a Vancouver airport and the world was outraged. But what really happened? (in progress)

Head of State Update

This was a little blog I ran for little over a year, chronicling the comings-and-goings of various world leaders in the year 2007, and a little bit of 2008.

Head of State Update part I (2007)

Head of State Update part II (2008)

Pictorial Essays

My Guide to Canada

My Guide to Holland

World Leaders wearing military uniforms

Inauguration Ceremonies of the World

Judicial dress of the World

Cartoons of the Governor Generals of Canada

Nintendo’s era of video game censorship

Heads of State on Walls

JFK Editorial Cartoons

An annotated guide to the Legend of the Mystical Ninja

A chart of Canada’s Elites


I like making charts, I don’t know why. I guess I just like arranging things. I’m also a pretty visual person, and I like being able to see information at a glance.

I’ve made a bunch of charts that deal with political-related things over the years. Some of them are just information arranged in boxes, others have some in-depth analysis as well.

North American-related


Rest of the World



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