No Canadian Knighthoods!

I am predictably opposed to the idea of bringing back titles of nobility for Canadian citizens.

New cartoon: Punching properly

Gary Trudeau — who, as I note in my Canadian Urban Legends FAQ, is of no relation to the Canadian political dynasty — has recently gone around saying that cartoonists should remember to “punch up” not “down” with their silly drawings. He said this in the context of the Charlie Hebdo murders, which while of […]

Dutch food

Here’s my latest vlog about enjoying some Dutch food yesterday in honor of Holland’s national holiday.

New vlog: Why you should sleep in your clothes

Perhaps my single most controversial opinion.

New Vlog: better know a relative

Herewith, in my second vlog, I discuss the various categories of relatives, including second cousins and cousins “once-removed.” Keep the feedback coming and let me know of future topics you’d like to see me engage with. In this early phase of my vlogging career, I am looking to cast a wide a net as possible, […]

First vlog: Canadian foods

Here is my first-ever vlog, done in traditional vlog style. It’s about Canadian foods I enjoy.

My first-ever video

This will probably seem way out of left field for some of you, but I recorded a reaction video with my friend Angela (of Wasted Talent webcomic fame [UPDATE! I apparently appear in her latest strip]) to my first time playing Five Nights at Freddy’s — the most popular game in the world. I edited in such […]

The worst idea in a while

Creative and colorful metaphors of immaturity loom large in Canadian political conversation. Living in basements, cutting apron strings, wanting to sit at the big kids’ table — such is the language through which Canadians conceptualize themselves. The exact contexts of such comparisons vary —  anti-monarchists see something juvenile in making immigrants swear loyalty to Queen Elizabeth; […]

The Perestroika phase of Canadian media

I was a guest on Jesse Brown’s popular podcast Canadaland the other day. Please give it a listen. I discuss some of the ideas addressed in this column. The lesson of Mikhail Gorbachev is that reform isn’t always possible. Just as women can’t be half pregnant and antebellum America couldn’t be half free, an economy cannot […]

The case against Mulcair

Canadians are free to dislike their prime minister, and doubtless many have fair reason for doing so. But whatever Stephen Harper’s failings, we are presently in an election year, and it shouldn’t be forgotten that Canada has rarely faced such unnerving alternatives for the country’s top job. Elite wisdom dictates we’re to regard Thomas Mulcair […]


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