How to be controversial in Canada and not lose your job

Prominent pundits across Canada are writing all sorts of stern, thoughtful pieces about Dr. Andrew Potter of the University of McGill at the moment. On March 20, Potter wrote an article for Maclean’s magazine that criticized Quebec society. It generated a backlash from Quebecers, including the premier of the province, and Potter immediately groveled and […]

Fun Quiz! Match the Andrew Coyne Spluttering With the Budget

The following are quotes Andrew Coyne has used to describe the eight federal budgets released between 2010 and 2017. Can you match the splutter with the year? “the budget is bloated, cynical, dirigiste and incoherent” “so innocuous, so inoffensive, so utterly inconsequential” “almost universally bad ideas.” “a budget that commits the government to do everything it had […]

How to Write About Populism in Canada

Greetings Canadian journalists! As you know, there’s currently a thing called “populism” happening all around the world. This is a fad in which poor people elect little Hitlers to power. I mean, it’s so far only actually happened in the context of Donald Trump (boo!) getting elected in the U.S., but there’s also that Brexit […]

You heard them here first! Conservative leader narratives

These days, being a good reporter/columnist/pundit is all about creating a narrative first, with facts and reality yadda yadda a distant second. With that in mind, I’m excited to announce that I’ve discovered the narratives the press will soon be using to frame the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, whoever it may be. […]

Recent Works

Here’s a piece of writing I have been working on for a while: Why did the Conservatives lose the 2015 election? (Or: is the “Racist Tory Thesis” correct?). I’ve also written several pieces for the Washington Post recently you may find interesting: U.S. media saw the Trump-Trudeau summit as a bust. The Canadian press loved […]

On the Trump Inaugural

I have drawn a cartoon about the Trump inauguration as well. Check it out on CNN. *** It was, first and foremost, a very ideological speech. The ideology was not one that’s been heard in Washington in some time, which makes it easy to dismiss as vacuous or irrelevant. Yet his will remain an inaugural of […]

My favorite articles from 2016

In case you missed them the first time around, here are five things I wrote in 2016 that I am particularly proud of: Why the global populist wave hasn’t hit Canada, Dec. 11, Washington Post Our new homophobia, Jun. 13, It will take more than money and politics to heal aboriginal communities, Apr. 22, […]

No one is getting electoral reform because no one really wants it

You are going to read very little accurate commentary on the final report from the House Special Committee on Electoral Reform simply because so many powerful and influential people are deeply vested in denial. We saw a preview of this in the House of Commons the other day with Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef getting […]

Trump wins cartoon

The CNN people kindly asked me to draw something for their “cartoonists of the world react to Trump winning” special feature. You can check out what I drew here. I actually drew that cartoon the day before the election. Like everyone in the world, I suspected Hillary would win, but I was not very confident. […]

Election 2016 fun times

It’s election day, and thus I must honor my over-decade-long tradition of providing a coloring sheet for election night. You can download the higher-res version here, in case you want to print one out and do something creative. If you’ll be as glued to your computer as me today, may I suggest once again taking a […]

Another election cartoon

Probably the last thing I will draw about this election (not that I’ve drawn a lot). Here’s a cartoon about the intersection between this election and McDonald’s I did for The Nib.

Prediction time

Another four years, another occasion to update my site about presidential election predictors. More updates coming as more news happens, but for now, the page above at least has a handy link to other predictor sites, so you can always check back to see what all the bigshot predictors are predicting over the next two months. […]

New cartoon!

Every election cycle, a publication called the Ladies Home Journal does this thing where they get the two would-be first ladies to submit dueling cookie recipes. They both get published, and readers vote on which one they like better. It’s occasionally accurate in predicting the winner. The tradition began in 1992 and was probably a bit retrograde […]

Just how much anti-Semitism is acceptable, Elizabeth May?

Last month, Elizabeth May was ensnared in another one of those embarrassing brouhahas for which her Green Party has become well-known. One of her perennial candidates in Alberta, a woman named Monika Schaefer, was revealed to be quite an ugly anti-semite and Holocaust denier. May described Schaefer’s views as “shocking” but news to her, and moved swiftly to eject her from […]

New archive and final week of Kickstarter!

Here’s some new updates for you. I wrote a long piece about everyone’s favorite right-wing subculture, the “alt-right” for C2C Journal, a conservative Canadian opinion outlet run by the Manning Centre. Check it here: All the angry young white men. I’ve also written a couple new Loonie Politics columns since my last update, but good news! There is […]


You know my Canada Guide, right? It’s actually the most successful thing I’ve ever made, but I’m looking to make it even more successful with the help of a professional redesign. Could I bother you for a humble donation to the Kickstarter page? Here’s my full video pitch:  

Our new homophobia

President Obama’s second inaugural was the first to cite the gay rights movement as an essential chapter of the American story. That “most evident of truths — that all of us are created equal,” he said, “is the star that guides us still; just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall.” The […]

This week’s updates

Here’s some of what I got up to this week. I did the Indie News Hour solo with host Martin Strong this week. Over the course of our 45 minute chat we touched on a vast number of disparate topics, including Muslims pretending to be Tories, Donald Trump’s views on climate change, Jason Kenney’s sex […]

That Muslim woman who tried to shame the Tories is no Conservative

UPDATE DEC. 9, 2016: According to her Twitter feed, Ms. Heer is now running to be a provincial Progressive Conservative candidate in the riding of Mississauga Centre. There are rumours the riding association did not want her, but an attempted veto of her candidacy has been overridden by leader Patrick Brown, but nothing has been substantiated. iPolitics has […]

This week’s stuff

I appeared at 4 AM on a CBC radio show this week debating whether we should impose term limits on the prime minister. I said yes. You can listen here. I also did my now-standard weekly appearance on Roundhouse Radio’s Indie News Hour in which we chatted about Donald Trump, Facebook vs. conservatives, and Chinese influences […]