What “cuckservative” theory gets wrong

Several years ago I wrote about a phenomena I dubbed “douchebag conservatives” — young men who self identify as members of the right not out of positive regard for conservative philosophy or politics, but because the right offers greater tolerance for their retrograde, politically-incorrect lifestyles.

Autopsy of a non-event

The rapid rise and fall of the false rumor of Prime Minister Harper’s plan to abolish the Senate offers a revealing case study of the sophomoric irresponsibility of contemporary Canadian political journalism.

Dumb internet things that don’t matter

In my latest video, I talk about things I have consciously chosen not to care about.

Recent articles

I really cannot for the life of me figure out a way to do my own website properly. I like having this main page up-to-date with my latest content, but I also want to keep attention focused on certain high-profile content like videos or cartoons, rather than articles. Anyway, here are some of my most […]

The last time things happened

As I continue to make videos, sometimes the themes become a bit less clear. This one is about the broad concept of historical eras ending, and how certain relics survive much longer than we might expect.

Greece explained

Everyone is scrambling to dumb down the Greece situation, so why not me too?

New site! American biographies

Really excited about this new project, I’ve been working on it for years and finally decided to launch it this July 4th. It’s called Americans That Matter and features condensed biographies of dozens of famous Americans who have had some lasting cultural influence on the United States. Check it out, and be sure to share suggestions […]

Weird Emojis

In which I explain the meanings behind some strange emoji. As usual, Japan is involved.

Weird governments

A new video about countries with odd political systems.

The era before Pokemon

Published a new episode of 1 Up and At ‘Em, a retro gaming show made by me and my pal Max. This one is all about the games made by the Pokemon people before they were the Pokemon people.


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