The Toronto Maple Leafs are terrible

Here’s a new video I made about everyone’s least favorite hockey team:

Canadian politics

Would you like to see me just rant for three straight minutes about some of the things I hate about the Canadian political system?

Milk in a bag

I am very proud of this video, which tackles one of my least favorite Canadian stereotypes.

On editorial cartooning

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. I remember in the aftermath it became briefly fashionable to care about editorial cartooning. On the day of the massacre itself, I did about seven or eight interviews on as many different TV and radio stations across the country. A lot of columnists and pundits […]

So long 2015

Here’s a new video about my favorite things from the past year: And here’s an article about Prime Minister Trudeau and the politics of nice.


I was away in California all last week. Here’s a video explaining what I got up to:

Trump articles

A new article: The Ignorance of Donald Trump. And from a Canadian perspective: Canada could not produce a Trump. And that’s a bad thing.

Names and the monarchy

Here is a new video I made about stuff that is named after people who know one remembers. And here is my this-week’s article for Loonie Politics, about my old favorite topic, the monarchy and Canada. Specifically, we look at how the media covered Prime Minister Trudeau’s fawning praise of the Queen during his recent […]

Symbols and Syrians

A video about weird symbols and where they came from: And an article that looks at Prime Minister Trudeau’s Syrian refugee policy trainwreck.

Rules of the Internet and aftermath of Paris

A new video about the laws that govern behavior on the internet: And two columns about the aftermath of Paris: Why is the Left trying to divert attention away from ISIS? It takes more than hurt feelings to want to join ISIS


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