Who is not allowed to run for president?

Illustrated with celebrities.

What is Trump?

The greatest virtue imbedded in democratic government is not fairness or equality, but honesty. Democratic elections deliver the preference of the public as stated, with little allowance for after-the-fact denial. The result is not merely the government we deserve but the government we claimed to want, and like any honest statement, we must suffer the consequence of […]

Bilingualism and Mulcair

Here are two recent articles about Canadian politics I wrote for two different clients: “Bilingualism is the demand of Canada’s linguistic aristocracy,” for the National Post, in which I reflect on what my time in Japan taught me about how languages are learned or not-learned. “Mulcair’s radical promise,” for Loonie Politics, in which I consider the consequences […]

The GOP debates

I actually watched both, even though that entailed ignoring the Canadian prime ministerial debate scheduled simultaneously with the “top tier” one. What was most striking was how good everyone was. Despite the tired caricature of the GOP field as a “clown car” packed with lunatics, with at most two exceptions (Trump and Dr. Carson), all 17 of the […]

Understanding Canada’s election

Campaign season is here once again! Here’s a video tutorial.


The food of the future! But is it any good?

What “cuckservative” theory gets wrong

Several years ago I wrote about a phenomena I dubbed “douchebag conservatives” — young men who self identify as members of the right not out of positive regard for conservative philosophy or politics, but because the right offers greater tolerance for their retrograde, politically-incorrect lifestyles.

Autopsy of a non-event

The rapid rise and fall of the false rumor of Prime Minister Harper’s plan to abolish the Senate offers a revealing case study of the sophomoric irresponsibility of contemporary Canadian political journalism.

Dumb internet things that don’t matter

In my latest video, I talk about things I have consciously chosen not to care about.

Recent articles

I really cannot for the life of me figure out a way to do my own website properly. I like having this main page up-to-date with my latest content, but I also want to keep attention focused on certain high-profile content like videos or cartoons, rather than articles. Anyway, here are some of my most […]


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