This week’s stuff

I appeared at 4 AM on a CBC radio show this week debating whether we should impose term limits on the prime minister. I said yes. You can listen here. I also did my now-standard weekly appearance on Roundhouse Radio’s Indie News Hour in which we chatted about Donald Trump, Facebook vs. conservatives, and Chinese influences […]

Dumb Canadian foods

A new video in which I engage with stereotypes with marginally more affinity than usual.

Why #quantumgate matters

By now the world is well aware that Prime Minister Trudeau’s impromptu “genius moment” — in which he gave a brilliant, off-the-cuff slapdown to a condescending reporter who underestimated his intelligence — was actually nothing of the sort. It was a carefully pre-planned bit of theater designed to repair a deficit in the Prime Minister’s […]

The North Koreanification of Canadian political reporting

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has won the world’s heart and broken the internet by proving he’s “not just a pretty face” (in the words of Britain’s Daily Mail) and “the man of your dreams” (in the words of Vanity Fair). Foreign reporters are drawing these conclusions based on Canadian reports that the PM launched into an impromptu soliloquy on quantum computing during a press […]

Video content marches on

People seem to like learning about Canada. So here’s a video about Canadian newspapers. Also, if you are not already aware, I do another YouTube series with my friend Adam, called Gay by Gay. Check out this latest episode in which we ask each other a series of rapid-fire questions.

Indie News

I’ve started doing a weekly segment known as “Indie News” on a new Vancouver radio station called Roundhouse Radio 98.3. Me and the other panelists had a good chat yesterday, talking about the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault trial, the US election, vaccines, and a whole host of other topics in a free-wheeling, hour-long chat. Give […]

Good cartoons

A couple weeks ago, I broke down and did something millennials aren’t supposed to do — I got cable. The internet is great and all, but a thing I’d come to miss since leaving my parents’ house — the last place where I enjoyed reliable access to television — was the pleasure of a non-curated watching experience. […]

Election theft… or just betrayal?

Only a few criticisms seem to genuinely get under Donald Trump skin, and they’re easy to identify since they’re the ones he tends to bring up unprovoked in debates and speeches. One is his allegedly small fingers, an insult about which he has an inexplicable psychological hang-up; another is the more factually-grounded observation that he […]

Trudeau and America

A new video to set my US pals straight. And also, in my biggest writing gig to date, I wrote a long piece for the prestigious American magazine Foreign Policy about the history of Canadian prime ministers and US presidents.

Lousy flags

I could do nothing but videos like this. Know any other good bad ones?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Dumb Canadian traditions

A new video about some of the dopey nonsense this country does.

More Angosphere news

A longer-than-usual video in which I talk to some friends about politics in other countries.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are terrible

Here’s a new video I made about everyone’s least favorite hockey team:

Canadian politics

Would you like to see me just rant for three straight minutes about some of the things I hate about the Canadian political system?

Milk in a bag

I am very proud of this video, which tackles one of my least favorite Canadian stereotypes.

On editorial cartooning

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. I remember in the aftermath it became briefly fashionable to care about editorial cartooning. On the day of the massacre itself, I did about seven or eight interviews on as many different TV and radio stations across the country. A lot of columnists and pundits […]

So long 2015

Here’s a new video about my favorite things from the past year: And here’s an article about Prime Minister Trudeau and the politics of nice.


I was away in California all last week. Here’s a video explaining what I got up to:

Trump articles

A new article: The Ignorance of Donald Trump. And from a Canadian perspective: Canada could not produce a Trump. And that’s a bad thing.