The Perestroika phase of Canadian media

I was a guest on Jesse Brown’s popular podcast Canadaland the other day. Please give it a listen. I discuss some of the ideas addressed in this column. The lesson of Mikhail Gorbachev is that reform isn’t always possible. Just as women can’t be half pregnant and antebellum America couldn’t be half free, an economy cannot […]

The case against Mulcair

Canadians are free to dislike their prime minister, and doubtless many have fair reason for doing so. But whatever Stephen Harper’s failings, we are presently in an election year, and it shouldn’t be forgotten that Canada has rarely faced such unnerving alternatives for the country’s top job. Elite wisdom dictates we’re to regard Thomas Mulcair […]

Three frenemies

Understand Canada’s relationship with the United States and you’ll better grasp Israel’s relationship with America. The partnerships are distinct, yet grounded in surprisingly consistent themes of identity, culture, and co-dependence. Israel’s place in the American political consciousness is comparable to the space America occupies in the minds of Canadian political observers. US politicians and pundits […]

British Columbia’s tax revolt

In a word, British Columbia’s best and brightest are confused. Specifically, they’re confused why polls suggest British Columbians are poised to overwhelmingly vote down a proposed hike to the provincial sales tax, the ballots of which are being mailed out this week. If passed, the .5% rate increase will generate $250 million a year in new […]

Tories trying to protect the cultural common good

We are indisputably going through a phase of dark viciousness in Canadian politics at the moment, much of it rooted in the hysterical, Pavlovian thrashing that occurs whenever the realities of immigration are acknowledged even slightly critically. Progressives are churning out sombre columns and somewhat less sombre social media campaigns in response to Prime Minister […]

Women World Leaders

I drew a big new comic for the good folks over at Medium about a topic I’ve long been interested in: female rulers. If you’d like to see some in-depth stats on female heads of state, check out my epic chart of female world leaders.

Rule by pseudo-intellectual

Justin Trudeau is not intelligent — but he thinks he is. There’s no other explanation for his long, rambling speech at the McGill Institute yesterday, a speech he doubtlessly believed proved he was a man capable of grappling with deep questions of political philosophy, but was in practice an incoherent mess of fashionable truisms, politically-correct […]

Trudeau’s choice

There’s really only one reason to go around saying the debate over some contentious political issue is “closed” — you don’t like debating it. By definition, a debate is a deep disagreement among sides who resist reconciliation. A century and a half after General Lee’s surrender people are still debating who started the Civil War (or was […]

The media myth that will not die: Conservatives and the ethnic vote

Michael Den Tandt, the syndicated National Post columnist, wrote an otherwise defensible editorial the other day describing the delicate balancing act faced by Canadian politicians who take a stance against fundamentalist Islam —basically, they have to look opposed without looking bigoted. I say “otherwise,” because Den Tandt’s piece also thoughtlessly dropped one of the Canadian […]

Costly decisions in campaign financing

A few years ago I gave my phone number to the NDP and the Mormon Church. No prizes for guessing whose phone calls have proven more incessant and obnoxious. If Canadian politics seems to have gotten more shrill and annoying in recent years, with parties obsessed with matters pointless and petty in reverse proportion to […]


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