Weekly content – Movember and refugees and more

I’m not big into “Movember.” Here’s why.

And here’s a column I wrote about Prime Minister Trudeau’s ambitious Syrian refugee plan, which I call a “reckless fantasy.”

I have also written a new entry for my “First and Last” series, this one is about Will & Grace.

I also made an appearance on a CTV political chat panel this week (as I do every week), but this one seems to have really been well received by a lot of people for some reason. You can see it here.

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This week’s updates

A new video about the swearing-in ceremony of our 28th prime minister.

And I wrote a controversial article about said ceremony as well, “So help me God” is helpful, for Loonie Politics.

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First and Last: condensed summaries of TV shows

Here’s something new. Every morning I am watching the first and last episodes of a television series I have never seen before. I am then summarizing the entire show based on what I have seen.

Here are the episodes I have done so far. Check back for updates!

Full House

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Gilmore Girls

Breaking Bad

Dawson’s Creek

Will and Grace

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Canada needs two parties

I didn’t do much this week, but I did write a column.

Why a Harper victory would give Canada the two-party system it needs.

See you after the election!

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Meeting the PM, a new toon, and more.

After drawing cartoons and writing articles about the man for nearly a decade, I finally got to meet Prime Minister Harper this week. Here’s a video about it:

And here’s an article I wrote about political correctness on the Canadian campaign trail: Canada’s left-wing parties ride political correctness to the brink.

AND, I was commissioned the other day to draw a cartoon for the Alberta branch of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation. Weirdly enough, the three biggest governments in Alberta — the provincial government, the Calgary municipal government, and the Edmonton municipal government, are all controlled by left-of-center politicians at the moment, and the CTF people asked me if I could do a drawing of the premiers and the mayors chowing down. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this week, you see. Anyway, check it out here.

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Weekly content pile

New video, about the times real-life politicians have appeared in video games.

And two new columns, including my first-ever for an American publication!

No, the GOP should not mimic the Canadian right, The Federalist


The Left needs to realize they can’t elect “not Harper” prime minister, Loonie Politics.

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A batch of content

Okay what have I made lately…

I made a video summing up headlines from around the Anglosphere:

And I made a guest video for my friend Eric’s channel about Pokemon and Japanese culture:

And I wrote two articles about Canadian politics:

The Dumbest election controversy so far


Even with a minority, Prime Minister Mulcair would trigger an abrupt shift for Canada

See you next week!

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